Young Enterprise 2018/19

and we are off and running.... We have had a lot of interest in the Young Enterprise scheme from the students and as a result have 2 teams of 7 competing in this year's competition.
A quick recap on what's involved The Company Programme enables participants to experience what it’s like to set up and run a student company.
Programme Overview: Running throughout one academic year, students make all the decisions about their enterprise, from deciding on the name and product to creating a business plan, managing the student company finances and selling to the public at trade fairs. Students are covered by Young Enterprise Public Liability Insurance.
All this takes place with the support of a volunteer Business Adviser who brings a wealth of business knowledge and expertise. A range of resources are provided to help manage the company. Teams track their progress using self-assessment tools and even compete against other schools in local, regional and national competitions.
The gra…

Young Enterprise Celebration Dinner (Update)

Young Enterprise Celebration Dinner  What a fantastic evening! As you can see by the pictures the kids looked amazing.
The Park Inn at Telford who hosted the event was packed with students, advisors and business people from across Shropshire.

Following a mini-trade fair the kids were applauded into the main hall where we were treated to a lovely meal. The Main Event - the Awards Ceremony As you can see from the image below all 31 teams were in attendance for the awarding of a wide variety of awards.
 Nervous & Frustrating Wait  As the nominations progressed the kids got very frustrated as they were nominated in the top 3 no less than 4 times for the 'Safer Communities Award'; 'Best Customer Interaction'; the 'Innovation Award' and the 'Entreprenurship Award', before they finally picked up the award for 'Most Passionate about Business'.

Above they are on-stage receiving their award from a representative of Muller.

They had only just got over…

Young Enterprise Celebration Dinner

Get your Posh on! Next Thursday the 3rd May sees the Young Enterprise kids going to their celebration evening. This event is sponsored by local businesses to the tune of £250 per table. They are happy to pay this as they get to meet the next generation of entrepreneurs who they can snap up for their own businesses. What a fantastic opportunity for the kids!

Young Enterprise Shropshire Company Programme
Celebration of Achievement & Awards Ceremony
Thursday 3rd May 2018 5pm-10pm. The Park Inn, Rampart Way Telford, TF3 4NA
Student information:
·Dress code is Business dress (it is not a party!). ·Students arrive 5pm, set up MINI trade display (table provided). ·Guests & Sponsors arrive from 5.15pm. ·Call for Dinner 5.45pm. ·Awards Ceremony follows ending around 10.00pm. ·3 course dinner. ·Soft drinks & water will be provided. ·Other drinks can be purchased. ·5 Students Seats Free. ·

Business & Maths Enterprise Day

The Egyptian Sand & Gravel CompanyOn Friday 20th April, we played host to 66 Yr5 pupils from our partner schools for the inaugural Business & Maths Enterprise Day, with the catchy title The Egyptian Sand & Gravel Company
The Great PsiWorking in teams of 6, the Pharaoh himself; "The Great Psi", set the pupils the challenge to put forward a business proposal for his tomb, giving them a budget of 100,00 shekels and just one day! Following an energising Egyptian dance workshop, the pupils went through a series maths, topography and design workshops to explore the different options for stone, location, design and size for the tomb. They then used a spreadsheet to mathematically model their ideas, by changing the variables to keep within budget. After writing their business plan, they presented their proposal to The Great Psi in a Dragon's Den style presentation in front of their parents.

The day engaged pupils in a way which proved thoroughly enjoyable for all. I …

Dragons Den & Presentations

Presentations, Judges interviews & Tour of Wolverhampton University Campus Priorslee Telford. 9:30 am-3:30pm Wednesday 21st March 2018. Shropshire CC area schools.
The VenueThe event was based at Wolverhampton University (Priorslee Campus). It gave the kids a real taste of what life could be like at a place like it. It was a nice early start for the kids that saw Flo running most of the way to school!
We arrived in plenty of time and were allocated a room for the day where they could practice in private. The kids had all worked very hard to learn their parts so that they could present without scripts. 
They were given just 8 minutes for their first and only practice. They were quite intimidated by the location in one of the University lecture theatres.

They had developed their presentation using Prezi in order to add a 'wow' factor, it worked, the judges were very impressed, not only with the presentation itself but with the obvious time and effort the kids had put in to learn t…

Trade Fairs

Trade Fairs Well a lot has happened since my last post. The kids have been knuckling down and creating their products and marketing materials in preparation for their very first foray into selling to the public.  Darwin Center - Shrewsbury On Saturday the 10th of February they will be attending the Young Enterprise national Trade Fair which is being held at the Darwin Center, Shrewsbury.
Team A have evolved into Wishful Thinking who are selling personalised wish bottles. 
Team B have evolved into 21Severn and are selling personalised jute bags, (design to be confirmed.)
The Day Unfortunately only Wishful Thinking made it to the fair. However, the kids were very keen and arrived very early and were in fact the first school out of 29 to arrive!

They enjoyed the day and learned a lot about running a public facing enterprise which they took through into the second fair. They made multiple sales and confidence was high.
Telford Shopping Center The second fair took place at Telford in the …

Scheduled Meeting #1

The First Scheduled Meeting - Thursday 14th December
It has been decided to schedule a regular weekly meeting with Peter and Emma every Monday after school. This will be in addition to any other meetings you set up within your businesses.
Thank you to all of you that made the effort to attend the meeting last night. If you weren’t there I suggest you catch up with the rest of your business partners to find out any relevant information.
The deadline for making the minimum £80 and opening your bank accounts is January 8th. If you need a hand completing the paperwork please come and see me.
Don’t forget the following: your company secretaries now have to create a timeline of eventsyou need to complete deciding on a company nameyou need a logo/brandyou need to decide on a product and how it is going to be packaged to encourage salesyou need a spreadsheet to work out all of your start-up costs, direct and indirect costs; it also needs to show your income and expenditure projectionsyou need…